Thursday, October 13, 2011

Buried in Student Loans? Nontrepreneurism 2c CNBC Bails on OWS

Lori Spechler Senior Editor CNBC "Op-Ed: Buried in Student Loans? Don't Blame the Banks"
"The cost of college is also the result of a culture that has accepted it as “the” best way to get ahead—we are not all Bill Gates. And high school has become a four-year sprint to get into the best college or university that money can buy. I get that, I am living it—early decision, SAT tutors, the full catastrophe is playing out again in my household. There are certainly reasons that we buy into the dream.
But at the end of the day, it should all boil down to one simple question: can you afford it? Is that fair? I don’t know but, it’s the way it is—I applaud any effort to change the system, but once you bought a ticket, please don’t ask me to foot the bill, I’m still paying for your house."
Bottom Line: 
This was on CNBC --  CNBC!
Dandy Don would be singing in the background. 


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