Monday, October 10, 2011

Android - Top 11 Apps from CIO,com and 1 still MIIA

Android - Top 11 Apps from CIO,com and 1 still MIA posts a slideshow of the 11 Best Android Tablet Apps for Newbies

Kindle, Pandora, Amazon Appstore for Android, Google+ for Android, Poynt for Android (powered by CitySearch), Amazon MP3 and Cloud Drive for Android, Twitter for Android, ScoreMobile for Android for sports, racing and golf scores and stats, Dropbox, IMDB Movies and TV.

CIO points out that these apps were downloaded and tested on a Samsung Galaxy with Android 3.1 - Gingerbread. I have all of the basics except Poynt (which is not on Amazon) and ScoreMobile (Amazon Appstore for Android link) on my Toshiba Thrive

For a longer list, check out articles by Practical eCommerce "35 Android Apps to Run Your Business" and "39 Online Productivity Tools to Go Officeless"

Did you notice a particular still missing-in-inaction app? 

Where is Netflix? Once they get they business model and pricing model in order I hope they will create a Gingerbread build. 


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