Thursday, January 31, 2013

Kindle Fire, no. Samsung Galaxy Tab, yes.

Kindle Fire, no. Samsung Galaxy Tab, yes.

Previously I discussed the Amazon Kindle Fire as a potential tablet for our kids. Now that they are a little older and have managed to keep their Nintendo DS devices in working order for more than a year, we went back to the market to pick a tablet. And the best part; the kids are using their own money to make the purchase.

Two Galaxy Tab 2 devices are on the way from Amazon.

Here's why we went with the Samsung:
  1. Android OS is more open than iOS
  2. Plenty of games from Amazon or Google Play
  3. Amazon movies, we have a Prime Membership, and Netflix movies are an option
  4. Standard browsers - no "Silk" to get in the way 
  5. Expandable storage
The kids have had time to play with my Toshiba Thrive. They are familiar with Android 4, how to download games, and the basic functionality of the tablet (taking pictures, playing music, etc.). 

At 12 ounces the Tab is much lighter than the 1.6 pound Thrive. They might notice the lack of a docking option, but the form factor is perfect for portability.


As a footnote: I have a Microsoft Surface RT, but the kids are just not interested. The game selection is not yet up to speed, and I have not turned on the XBOX Smartglass. As soon as I do, I think they might be more interested.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Can We Send ALGORE to Beijing China?

Can We Send ALGORE to Beijing China?

The Wall Street Journal reports: On Saturday in Beijing, the concentration of the smallest and most dangerous air pollution particles, known as PM2.5, climbed to 886 micrograms per cubic meter, a level 35 times the World Health Organization’s recommended standard.

On the same day, New York City was a 17.

The incremental cost to improve the score in New York must be huge compared to the cost to reduce the problem in Beijing.

So, Why is ALGORE still here, lecturing the US?

Could it be that ALGORE is more concerned about his pocket and his future than the causes that he supports?

After all, the American taxpayer has very deep pockets to plunder, and the centralized government in China will certainly do the right thing.  

P.S. I'm sure it really "all about the children".

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