Disclosures (Income, Content, Philosophical):

Macro: [mak-roh] -adjective, noun, plural -ros very large in scale, scope, or capability.

Tot: [tot] –noun a small child - chiefly British. a small portion of a beverage, especially a dram of liquor.

Macrotots: [mak - roh tot-z] -noun, plural

  • Big kids... yes, both of the kids were very big. They were in the 98th percentile for height and weight. 
  • Big kids... also applies to my wife and I. 
  • Eponymous Anagram allowing a semi-private nom-de-plume (You may also see: Taco Storm on occasion). 

WARNING: Please keep this blog out of the reach of children, the slow-witted and the closed-minded.

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  • I have received many life lessons from friends, relatives, and co-workers. Most stories will be sanitized to protect the innocent and the guilty.
  • My policy is to cite, credit, and link -- since content should belong to the creator and not to a curator or some aggregation bot. My ideas are not nearly as clever.
  • Citations may appear to be long, but many web pages are archived when they get older. I'm trying to capture context and avoid link-rot.
  • Tot1 is a Program Manager in Information Technology (IT) on an Mergers and Acquisitions team.
    • Program Manager is a fancy way of saying "scruffy looking nerf-herder".
    • I'm still working on the "scruffy looking" part.
    • Basically, I break stuff or put stuff together. 
  • Previous work history includes Microsoft, Citibank, Charles Schwab, and several other insurance and finance companies.
  • Tot1 is an Army Brat that attended public elementary school, public middle school, an all-boys private Catholic High School, and a Jesuit University, then private post-grad schools. Therapy sessions are on-going. 
  • Tot1 holds a BA in History, a Graduate Certificate in Web Development, and an MBA.
  • The opinions expressed are my own, and should be verified, confirmed, corroborated, sustained, substantiated, affirmed, tested, proved, or examined by your lawyer, CPA, Dentist, Professor, Veterinarian or other responsible adult.