Monday, October 10, 2011

Nontrepreneur, Meet Entrepreneur: Griffin Technology

Nontrepreneur, Meet Entrepreneur: Griffin Technology

If the Nontrepreneurial vision is to redistribute wealth, to take from one group and give to another via Government intervention, to create false value by invoking fairness... where are signs of American Entrepreneurship? I found one: Griffin Technology (Nashville, TN!). 

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The Problem

In the summer of 2010 a good friend and I struggled with the costs and logistics of putting together a mobile computer lab. We wanted to present computer basics and job hunting skills to a novice user group of 8-10 students. 

The Dell Mobile Computing Station is an elegant, if slightly expensive answer. The cart plus 10 Netbooks, software, and class leader tools would push this solution well over $10,000 - before software. 

Windows Drawbacks

Windows does require a certain amount of hands-on support, the end user audience would need ramp up time on basic functionality, and portability would entire a van or big SUV to take to/from class. 

Why iPad + Griffin Technology Multidock?

Griffin Technology counters the Dell offering with a simple, well designed solution. Their Multidock, plus 10 iPads, plus leader tools, would cost out well under $10,000. Support costs for an iPad... practically none. End user orientation time on an iPad... practically none. Applications... plenty, and free apps/tools for most anything. 

I bet every first grader would be able to understand how this classroom solution would work.

iPad Drawbacks?

For business level documents (resume, cover letters, etc.) the user input to the iPad is a bit of a problem. Bluetooth keyboards start to remove the cost advantage. But, once those original documents are created, most online tools are tablet friendly. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other key resources are tablet ready. 

Bottom line: 

There is not a single government agency that could have built a solution as brilliant as this solution created by Griffin Technology

Now, to find a few sponsors to get this idea into reality.  

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