Thursday, October 6, 2011

Nontrepreneurism Part 4 - Green Energy

Nontrepreneurism Part 4 - Green Energy

Continuing Discussion of : How Nontrepreneurism is Killing the U.S.

Thomas Pyle of US News: Obama Has Not Learned from Solyndra Scandal 
"As difficult as it is to understand why the government rewards continual failures with taxpayer dollars, there really isn't a method to this madness. Solar is, and has always been, an unreliable and inefficient way to generate electricity. The Energy Information Administration estimates that the levelized cost—the net cost of installation divided by anticipated lifetime energy output—is 21.1 cents per kilowatt hour for a photovoltaic solar (solar PV) plant and 31.2 cents for a thermal solar plant. That is far more expensive than the 6.6 cents per kilowatt hour for conventional combined cycle natural gas".

If you want to put solar panels on your roof... go for it.

If you want to ride a stationary bike for 10 minutes to make toast, (I admire Ed Begley, Jr., he talks the talk and walks the walk)... ride on!

If you like a green company... send them your money (invest, aka: put your money where your mouth is!).

Bottom Line: 

Taking my money to support your causes is wrong.
(It is neither "right" or "left", it is just WRONG). 

Now to skim Political Cartoons on US News website to get me in a better mood.


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