Sunday, October 9, 2011

Elizabeth Warren - Nontrepreneur

Elizabeth Warren - Nontrepreneur

Why should the government be limited? - The Ludwig von Mises Institute provides a solid argument. (The video link in their article should carry a warning label for total stupidity by a candidate). 
"Now notice in Warren’s argument is the assumption that because the state provides benefits to people, then is justified letting you keep only an unspecified “hunk” of your profits. Because she is a statist, and views the state as legitimate, it is no different in kind than private entities, like a shopping mall. If I set up a shopping mall, to permit a store to set up a storefront there I can require him to agree to give me a percentage of his sales or profits–I let him keep a hunk, I take a hunk. I am providing him with infrastructure and access to customers, after all. We can negotiate the relative size of the respective hunks we are entitled to. But in principle I could demand most or all of his profit–he can take it or leave it."

Taking the Argument One More Step

Austin is a great source of musical talent. Singers, songwriters, musicians. Would Warren argue that the guitar player is indebted to every person with any input to the design, manufacture or construction of the guitar? Should the artist share revenues with the manufacturer? 

What about the Intellectual Property that represents music theory, notes, scale interval and music notation? I guess she is OK with the loss of music in the Public Domain (See article about Lawrence Golan v. Holder).

The Fatal Flaw of Nontrepreneurism, and socialism, and Warren

We are all here because good ideas win out over bad ideas. Everything is built on that which happened before. I'm no philosopher, but the U.S. is great because of the way we take ideas, build upon then, take chances to bring them to market. If you think music is a poor example, ask an established artist about how long it took to become successful. Ask a new artist how many hours of practice it takes to make their product better, to allow them to become successful. The government does not own first stake of success. 

Bottom Line: 

A third party (typically government) taking from one person to give to another is Nontrepreneurism at it's worst. Warren is tone deaf.


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