Wednesday, November 2, 2011

4 Steps to Declutter Your Mind, None of Which Include Doing Laundry

4 Steps to Declutter Your Mind 

None of Which Include Doing Laundry

“Out of clutter, find simplicity.” ― Albert Einstein

Vlad Rapoport highlights the issue of mental noise in a blog post: 4 Steps to Declutter Your Mind | Balance In Me
"Mental Noise To a great extend, much of this can be classified as mental noise. We are forced to deal with it, blocking it out when we can, doing our best to filter out small pieces that are actually useful to us. We as humans were simply not designed to deal with this much information all at once. This noise keeps us at a disadvantage. It prevents us from focusing on our goals, focusing on what truly matters. It keeps us disconnected from the big picture and from each other."


I'm Not All That Deep

As a decidedly square, boring and un-PC male I'll tell you exactly how I Declutter my brain. 

One of the few chores that I do around the house is the laundry. What starts as a heaping pile of dirty clothes and towels, end up as neat and clean, folded stacks of laundry. Order created from chaos. Yes, it is every man's desire to have a perfect universe, but I'm old enough to realize that laundry is an achievable goal, and the rest of the universe - meh.

Lately some of our towels have started to fray around the edges. And OxyClean has a bad habit of "Oxy-dizing" for want of a term other than bleaching, some of the laundry. But I'm cheap. And a little frayed edge, or a slight discoloration isn't enough to motivate me to spend money on new towels. 

Something Happened

Then, something happened - and last weekend I culled the worst offenders from the kitchen hand-towels and the laundry towels. I tossed them right into the garbage. 

There was a micro-second of remorse, just a hint of the feeling of loss, until I realized that the remaining towels would server their purpose, and that the shredded edges of "order" are not as satisfying as a slightly smaller stack of towels still representative of equally useful order. 

Don't let the ragged edges of life impact your well being. 

Reduce, Recycle, Reuse - or just dump clutter into the trash! 

Now, on to some emotional baggage that need to be dumped!

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