Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hayek vs. Keynes

Hayek vs. Keynes

John Phelan provides a great summary of the debate in his article: Hayek vs. Keynes and the LSE on the Mises Blog.

Maybe the BBC will be kind enough to share their a copy of their August broadcast with a particular viewer in Central Texas.

Regarding China: “One questioner asked whether the Chinese stimulus package had been so much more successful than America’s because the totalitarianism of China allowed the government to direct the spending more effectively than in the US with its dispersed government.”

burnig car
Maybe a visual example will work:
China injected fuel directly into the cylinders of their economic engine… where the US simply sprayed the fuel all over the engine compartment.

As the US economy gasps and sputters along, we wait for 537 posers to collect their campaign materials for 2012.


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