Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Gersham's Law, Less Than Fine Dining, & Saturday in the Park

Gersham's Law, Less Than Fine Dining, & Saturday in the Park

Juan Caprio of Mises Economics Blog (@MisesBlog) was able to finish a puzzle for me in his article: Gresham’s Law of Manners, or how socialism gives us a rude society

"...valuable goods are hidden/hoarded whenever there is forced equality or at least the least valuable are forced upwards in perceived value."

What does this have to do with manners? Well, if we regard all State property (public areas specially) as the tragedy of the commons it is, we can analyze people’s behavior as more or less valuable. In a free society, people of great manners (and overall superior personal image) will tend to surround themselves with similar people. 

But in partial socialism, access to public venues is increasingly non-discriminating (of behaviors and attire and even hygiene) thus making a melting pot out of different human groups. The problem is, that some people are put off by others’ behaviors and personal presentation."

Saturday in the Park

I noticed this last summer when we went camping in Waco, last year when we went camping at Artesian Lakes, last month at SeaWorld and last week when Christy and I ate at the Grotto Restaurant. Bad manners, drunkenness, poorly attired (some seemed to be trying to be offensive)... all are a big turn-off. Not that I consider myself to be high class, but I need to discover a way to separate the riff from the raff or some new places to spend my time.  

It makes you want to stay home. Maybe I can invite Juan over for dinner.

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