Monday, July 11, 2011

The Book Bucket List

The Book Bucket List

Are these authors, books, themes on your list?

Thomas Sowell: Economics and social economic behavior would top my list of favorite readings. The topic crosses over into politics and history and human behavior. Personal decisions, the interaction of parties, and the motivation to act can appear simple. But there is a deeper level of need and want that drive behavior. The more that you have perspective on human motivation, the better you can predict outcomes. 

Sigmund Freud & Karl Jung: Where economics covers the interaction between individuals, Freud and Jung provide insight into the individual. Their writings are not perfect. Recent writings show errors and gaps in their thought process, methods and conclusions. But Freud and Jung created foundational work in psychology with wide influence even today. The more that science chases the human mind, the individual motives and motivations, the better we are able to understand ourselves and each other.

Estes, Faludi, Paglia (the feminists): One of the great opportunities in life is to look at issues from a different perspective. I can be challenged to see a new point of view, to more deeply understand an argument and, on rare occasion, modify my view point. The very act of exploring alternate views will change your perspective – by altering your point of view, or by supporting your position. 

Authors on the B List

  • Dante 
  • Orwell 
  • Ludwig Mises 
  • Hume 
  • Rousseau 
  • Franklin / Hamilton
  • Machiavelli 
  • Tocqueville

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