Monday, July 11, 2011

The Formative Years - 60s and 70s

1960s and 70s – 

My Dad was in the military. I was born in South Carolina, and my brother in Georgia. We have lived all over the US. I do remember a few things from my childhood. When we lived in Lawton, Oklahoma our house was across the street from the train tracks. We were horrified as a turtle tried to cross the road and was crushed by several cars. Frank and I fought a lot. He tackled me on a gravel driveway and I hit him on the head with a bat. He still has the scar.

We lived in West Point in a duplex on a very short street. Across the street was a huge cemetery. At the end of our street was the elementary school. Behind the house was a hill that we would ride sleds down during the winter. During the summer we would follow the bug-spray machines down the street (probably not a good idea in hindsight). We used to play with a water-pressurized rocket in the front yard.

We left West Point for a cross-country drive to California before flying to Hawaii. Lynn was picked up along the way. We flew out of Travis AFB and returned four years later after three years at Schofield Barracks and one year at Fort Dereussey. When we landed in California (1974) we only had tank tops, shorts and flip-flops.

Growing up at the beach had big advantages when it came to swimming. I went All-City in 7th and 8th grade.

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