Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Google News Badges - um, well…

 Google News Badges

OK, so I earned two badges.

G Badges 2I’m not sure how to find other topics to read to earn others badges. My news reading is not limited to Google and Kindle. For instance, I tend to read plenty of articles about Tablets, Dell, and eBooks.

Also, I have been reading articles about Amazon’s new Textbook Rental program for Kindle. Am I reading about Amazon, or Kindle, or cheap textbooks?

If I read Apple articles and try to earn an Apple badge, is there a calculation that will compare my Apple reading count with others?

To quote Shrek,

“Layers, onions have layers. Ogres have layers”.

Apple stock? iPhone 4 news? New Apps in the App Store? Jobs’ health? How is Google going to peel back the layers to determine what I’m actually reading? 

I’m still searching for a list of the 500 available badges. But it appears to be top secret. As for changes to my browsing habits, Badges certainly causes me to return to Google News more than before. I also use Google Reader -- a lot. Reader is my preferred tool, especially for tracking Blogs.

What is the difference between delivering News and delivering new “Reader” articles?

G Reader 2

Ads are not posted on either service… so there must be some other reason for the nuance. It seems very clear that Google can track my preferred resources, reading trends, and click-behavior on Reader…

So, why not Reader Badges?

G Reader

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