Monday, August 15, 2011

Why Yelp? I Buy Austin and Round Rock and Georgetown

"In the capitalist system of society’s economic organization the entrepreneurs determine the course of production. In the performance of this function they are unconditionally and totally subject to the sovereignty of the buying public, the consumers. If they fail to produce in the cheapest and best possible way those commodities which the consumers are asking for most urgently, they suffer losses and are finally eliminated from their entrepreneurial position. Other men who know better how to serve the consumers replace them." (1)

Why Yelp? I Buy Austin and Round Rock and Georgetown

Posting a review on Yelp, Twitter, Facebook, or any other social media outlet helps to preserve entrepreneurial opportunity. 

Good businesses are rewarded, poor businesses are not. 

This is not ruthless economic Darwinism. After all, poor reviews can also guide companies to improve their product, improve their service and survive. 

Tips for posting an online:
  • Be accurate, not dramatic, write the truth (from your point of view)
  • Provide comparisons, alternatives, suggestions, or solutions
  • Play nice, a little humor and sensitivity, goes a long way
  • Put your name next to the review, stand by your comments
See: I Buy Austin - the Austin Independent Business Alliance

(1) Ludwig von Mises Institute. (2008). Profit and Loss. Retrieved 08 15, 2011, from


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