Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The "Amazon" Tax, Part Deux

The "Amazon" Tax, Part Deux

The "Amazon" Tax, David Henderson | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty:
"Let's put that in perspective. A 2010 study by economists Jeffrey A. Eisenach and Robert E. Litan that was funded by Netchoice, the voice of the e-commerce industry, found that by 2012, the amount of revenue that California governments would be missing out on by not taxing interstate sales will be only $621 million, well below 0.5 percent of California governments' total tax take.
We also covered this topic under: Amazon Avoids the Tax Man, You Do Too.

Once again the politicians spin up a false criticism in order to deflect their inablity to: 
  1. Show leadership by saying "no more"... 
  2. Show leadership by cutting irrelevant programs...
  3. Show any leadership skills at all... 
Instead they try to divide and conquer (and tax some more).

The 4th Estate (now in bankruptcy) gets no free pass on this issue. This is the best that the LA Times can muster on the subject:
"State lawmakers Wednesday approved billions of dollars in cuts to welfare, medical programs for the poor and in-home care for the elderly and frail, among other services, moving forward key pieces of Gov. Jerry Brown's budget reduction package."
Oh, if only we had another ~$621,000,000 we could solve all of our problems. Spin... spinning... spun. All in a days' work for politician and reporter.

The Wall Street Journal shows the effort to manage NEXUS (which is a French term for "you must pay the man to do business here") in their article: Amazon Battles the States Over Sales Tax

Can somebody help me: Why are US banks incorporate in just a handful states?


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