Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Elusive Big Idea -

The Elusive Big Idea

The Elusive Big Idea -
"We live in the much vaunted Age of Information. Courtesy of the Internet, we seem to have immediate access to anything that anyone could ever want to know. We are certainly the most informed generation in history, at least quantitatively. There are trillions upon trillions of bytes out there in the ether — so much to gather and to think about. And that’s just the point. In the past, we collected information not simply to know things. That was only the beginning. We also collected information to convert it into something larger than facts and ultimately more useful — into ideas that made sense of the information. We sought not just to apprehend the world but to truly comprehend it, which is the primary function of ideas. Great ideas explain the world and one another to us."

Bottom Line: 

Amen. Twitter will fail for just this reason. 140 characters cannot explain the world as clearly as this small snip of 135 words from the NY Times Opinion page. The full article is a terrific read.


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