Thursday, January 15, 2015

Garmin Vivofit - 400000 Step Update

Garmin Vivofit 400,000 Step Update

400000 Steps
This is an update to my blog: Garmin Vivofit - the First 300,000 Steps.

Early in January the Garmin Vivofit web site started having Sync issues. It appears that the Sync problem has been resolved - data is flowing between my device and the web site. But some of the data is not flowing down to the Reporting tables. 

Garmin Error Message

I have not lost any data, but I did take the step to create an Excel spreadsheet to capture my steps.

Here are some of my notes:

12 Minute Bars?
Or, 15 Minute Bars?
  1. The Export Function is limited to rolled up values (Weekly or Monthly). It will dump a simple table into a CSV format.
  2. To get daily values, you have to look back over & day periods, then mouse-over the columns to read the number of steps.
  3. Reports look back from "today". If you review your stats on a Wednesday, the "Week" is Wednesday to Tuesday. Seems like a calendar week (calendar month) would be a better timeframe.
  4. The "Workout Intensity" indicator is odd. From a walking point of view... I have hit 1500+ steps in the (12 minute?) time capture. That seems to be "intense". Not sure what the threshold is, but ~4 MPH for walking is a lot. Again, no instructions to understand this feature.  [Update 1/19/15: It appears that 1711 steps is "Intense". Not 1706... 1711.]
  5. Uphill, downhill, flat... no difference. In the end it probably evens out - especially if you are walking loops.
  6. Finally had to take the Vivofit module out of the wrist band at wash it... (60 days!). Gunk accumulation was minor, but it's back to new condition now.  
I'm still a big fan... the Vivofit has motivated me to get off my duff and move. I'm still on track for 2.5 million steps by Thanksgiving, 2015.


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