Monday, January 20, 2014

Pine Wood Derby Results - Mea Culpa

Pine Wood Derby Results - Mea Culpa

After my previous post about the challenges of building "Blue Steel" for Tot3, the results are in:

Overall Standings (Pack 5 Round 1 & Round 2)
Den Time  Car Name    Speed (MPH/Scale)
5   9.122 Blue Steel    213.03
1   9.208 Day & Night   211.12

So yes, we kicked butt (by .086 of a second), took names (the second place finisher won the derby last year), and spiked the ball (but not in a mean, Seattle Seahawks' Sherman way). 

As for Tot3, her car had a devastating weight blow-out in her second run. Apparently, the heat generated by pine wood derby cars can melt hot glue. We were able to fix the problem (duct tape, of course), but Ender started .05 oz light, and losing a quarter (.02 more) meant a disappointing 60th place finish - out of 75 entrants. Ender clocked in at 194.96 over 4 heats.

Of course, next year is going to be a challenge.

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