Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Books, Bookstores, and Economics

Books, Bookstores and Economics

The Macrotots blog will never make me rich. I'll never have thousands of followers on my Twitter account. I'm Ok with that - because I understand that the small bits of the world that I find fascinating are not really mainstream (sorry, no puppies, kittens, or Kardasians here).

What I blog and Tweet about are Politics and Economics. Feedly consolidates the content, and for the most part the daily collection of articles are routine. This morning I am really  sad.

San Francisco Politicians Killed a Bookstore

Here is the story: Minimum Wage Maximum Sorrow for San Francisco Bookstore

Here is Borderlands Books homepage with the closing announcement.

Politicians in both Seattle and San Francisco believe they can dictate minimum wages, and that everyone will be more prosperous, that social inequity managed by social justice will be more "just".

Once again, reality conflicts with the plans of the pie-in-the-sky touchy-feely do-gooders.

Do politicians understand that BIG BUSINESS really doesn't care about a minimum wage increase? Why would it? Smaller competitors get wiped out when political, regulatory, and economic barriers are raised. 

In the end all that is left is BIG BUSINESS and the GOVERNMENT. 



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