Friday, September 30, 2011

Amazon Kindle Fire - Perfect for Kids?

Amazon Kindle Fire - Perfect for Kids?

Last Christmas I was reluctant to purchase an Apple iTouch for my kids (then 5 and 7) because of the size and cost. We choose the Nintendo DS. Of course, the DS is a little a larger and with Nerf Armor a little less breakable. 10 months later we have added the cost of >$100 of software to each, + Nerf armor $20.00, plus a six pack of stylus - easily exceeding the price of the iTouch. Just FYI, the armor lasted about 8 months which was just long enough for the kids to understand that the DS is breakable. 

I've had the Apple iTouch in my Amazon Wish List for several weeks - preparing for Christmas. In fact, I have all ready purchased a couple of  iTouch protective cases that went on sale.

But the Amazon Kindle Fire at $200 adds a new factor to the decision. First, the size is more appropriate for the kids. Second, Amazon has plenty of free content (we have a Prime Subscription). Finally, the kids have shown a good deal of discipline when borrowing my Thrive. 

So here is the question: What would you buy for your kids?


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